Support the fundraising of GALA SHOW!

Support the fundraising of GALA SHOW!

The Year 2020 brought a lot of difficulties to all of us. Performing arts and event organisers had to cancel all of their gigs, events and happenings. The European Juggling Convention (EJC) was no exception in this matter. We had to postpone EJC 2020 to 2021 and the current situation doesn’t seem to improve fast enough for summer of 2021 to have a full-scale EJC. Nevertheless we do our best to organise a convention no matter what. Only few of you might be able to come and there might be a lot of restrictions. But our core values stay the same. Supporting circus artists and bringing amazing shows to the convention are part of these core values. Help us to keep these values with a small (or big) financial contribution.

With the funding we will organise an amazing Gala Show and Fire Gala or maybe even stream it to the world.

And even if all our efforts fail and we cannot have an EJC 2021, your contribution will be put to good use. It will provide us with a bit of financial security in these uncertain times and we can pay for early expenses of the EJC 2021 (like deposit payments or personnel training). And all in all we support the local circus community.

If the situation allows it, we will try to host and stream a gala show even if the EJC 2021 has to be cancelled. Yet this remains a big “maybe” for now.

All rewards are non refundable. If the EJC 2021 gets cancelled your contribution will be used as stated above. Depending on the situation, some rewards might still be redeemable.

1000 € – Gala Show technical requirements – Minimum goal
5000 € – Gala Show sponsored (Artists, technicians, equipment)
10 000 € – Gala Show and Fire Gala fully sponsored (artists, technicians, equipment, travels)
15 000 € – Gala Show and Fire Gala fully sponsored and streamed (artists, technicians, equipment, travels, streaming tech and personnel)

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