Get Involved

Become truly a part of EJC 2021 and contribute to this awesome event!

Crew & Volunteers

Crew and volunteers help to run the convention. The difference between a crew-member and a volunteer is that a crew-member is, well, part of the crew, while a volunteer is not.


If you truly want to become part of this journey you should become part of the crew! Whilst in the crew you can join a sub-project team that takes care of one specific thing, like managing a location or a show, organizing trash disposal, or negotiating with vendors (just to name a few).

The more time you can invest during the months before the EJC 2021 the better. But even if you can only help during the convention, you still can be part of the crew.

To become a crew member you have to be willing to work up to 40 hours during the convention. In return, you get a crew ticket, free meals, indoor accommodations and we try to make it possible for you to see the shows and workshops that are important to you.

If you want to join the crew, write to us at


If becoming a crew member is too much commitment for you, but you still want to contribute then volunteering is the perfect thing for you. Help us with simple things like badge control or cleaning. In return you get points that you can exchange for exclusive volunteer rewards.

To become a volunteer you don’t need to do anything right now. When you arrive at the EJC you can check what volunteer tasks are available and do exactly what you want and how much you want.

Shows, Music, Lectures & Talk

Various stages equipped for various shows: No matter if you want to bring a conventional (or unconventional) circus act, perform as a musician, or give a lecture or talk (e.g. about a historical, technical or social topic). Anything is possible! Get in touch with us at


Workshops are one of the core activities of an EJC. If you want to give your own let us know: You will have the possibility to register your workshop during the convention as well. But if you give us some details beforehand we can make sure that you have everything you need.


If you want to sell food, juggling stuff or something completely different, get in contact with us via Food vendors are situated in the central area that is open to the public. For non-food vendors there will be a designated area at the convention site. More information will be coming as soon as possible.