Frequently asked questions

Are the dates for the EJC 2021 final and will it happen?

Yes, dates are 17th to 25t of July 2021. We are doing our best to make EJC happen but in these times nothing is for sure. We are following the Corona pandemic situation closely and preparing for any possible outcome.

How should I prepare for the Corona pandemic? Vaccine? Masks? Testing?

We really hope that masks and vaccines wonโ€™t be a compulsory measurement at EJC 2021. Testing may be required by Finnish officials before entering the country. We are following instructions of Finnish government and will update them on our website frequently so please check the website before coming to the EJC. This website could be helpful for planning your travels to Finland –

When tickets will be on sale?

We are working on the ticketing system with the EJA right now and will launch ticket sales once all parties are ready. Stay tuned on social media or our website and you wonโ€™t miss it ๐Ÿ™‚

Will there be a caravan camping area?

Yes, there will be. You will have access to the electric grid but you will have to carry your own drinking water. Tap water in Finland is of high quality and drinkable. You can get access in any school or EJC premises.

Is there free parking if I bring my own car?

There will be a parking area for EJC attendees. Spots will be limited so we encourage travel in groups and avoid unnecessary usage of your car during the convention.

Will there be a camping site?

Yes, there will be a camping site that will be open on 17th of July at 12.00. Camping is included in the EJC ticket.

Is tap water in Finland drinkable?

Yes, tap water in Finland is of the greatest quality and, therefore, drinkable. Tap water is easily accessible to EJC attendees in any school or EJC premises during the event.

Will there be a safe space to spin fire?

Fire spinning is a big deal for us therefore there will be a designated area for it. Our fire space will be located in the middle of the EJC area. Fire space will also be open for the local public to view and for that reason we hope responsible and safe spinning from everyone.

Will there be a hall for juggling?
Yes, there will be a hall for juggling open throughout the convention. There will also be a small gym at the Central school open for practice and workshops.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Contact us via email, here is the list of email addresses:

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