European Juggling Convention Aka EJC

EJC is one of the biggest juggling and circus conventions in the world. It has been organised since 1978 all around Europe. In Finland EJC has been once before and it was in 2010 in the lovely city of Joensuu. In 2021 EJC will be organised in the coastal city of Hanko.

EJC is an 8 days long event with a lot to offer for anyone who enjoys the art of juggling and circus. It is an amazing experience and opportunity to learn about juggling in it’s many ways. Constant workshops that are provided by professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. Shows and jams that mesmerise even an experienced EJC attendee, openstages that can be compared with any professional circus show and of course a marvelous Gala Show that drowns to best jugglers in the world to show their skills and art to their peers and lively audience of EJC.

EJC is known for its community spirit, friendly crowd and safe atmosphere to try new things in a supportive way. Hundreds of volunteers put lots of hours through the year to make it happen in an affordable, ecological and accessible way.

Values of the European Juggling Convention 2021 are

  • Parity and equality
  • Wellbeing
  • Community
  • Joy

The whole area of EJC 2021 follows safer space guidelines.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with EJC 2021 crew and ask whatever is on your mind! (

Hope to see you next year at the loveliest juggling convention in the world!

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