EJC 2021 Cancelled 😞

It’s been a long winter and an even longer pandemic. We have seen a lot of changes and uncertainties in a really short period of time. In 2020, we had to cancel EJC for the first time in history and now, one year later, we are facing the reality that EJC will be cancelled yet again.

Finland is just at the beginning of its biggest wave of infections so far, and vaccination in Finland is not far enough along to save the day – government estimation is that the general public will get their first vaccinations in June. Added to this, with new mutations developing all over the world, we believe that it would not be responsible to host an event encouraging people to travel and mix. We acknowledge that the performing arts are in a dire state, with no immediate relief in sight. The idea of holding an EJC to combat this is tempting, but through the lens of social responsibility, we have decided it is irresponsible to gather so many people from all over the world.

With a sad heart we have to cancel EJC 2021 💔

 We don’t want to put all the work to waste, so we will do our best to organise a Gala Show and stream it. Thanks to the fundraising, EJA and Arts Promotion Centre Finland we will be able to organise it without any major risks. So stay tuned!

Let’s hope that in 2022, we will be all together free to juggle at EJC in Tres Cantos!

With Love and health!

The EJC 2021 Crew and Team

**” The EJA (in collaboration with EJC team) is currently working on having an additional online event in place for around the same as the Gala Show. This way everyone can still get some enjoyable EJC vibes into their summer and attend the General Assembly to choose the EJC for 2023. If you want to find out more about these plans (of if you want to help out) then sign up for the EJA newsletter or use the “contact us” page on the EJA website.